2009 Awards

2009 AWARDS In 2009 MBA members turned in 45 game cards that total 104 big game animals and 2 small game entries.  Members shot 88 Whitetail deer (44 bucks, 44 does), 5 Black bear, 2 Blesbuck, 1 warthog, 1 Impala, 1 Nyala, 1 Common Reedbuck, 1 Bushpig, ! Bushbuck Cape, 1 Wildebeest and 2 Turkeys.  Of the 104 big game entries submitted 3 of the animals made the Pope & Young club record book (2 Whitetail bucks, 1 Black Bear).  Members harvested animals in 11 different states ( CT, MA, ME, NH, PA, RI, NE, NY,NC,MI,CO), two Canadian providences as well as South Africa.  Members receiving awards: Bronze Broadhead Award- 5 Big Game Bow Kills Paul Bullock Pat Gosselin Silver Broadhead Award- 10 Big Game Bow Kills Mark Goodwin Gold Broadhead Award- 15 Big Game Bow Kills Rick Hogge Rick Murphy Peter  Normandin John Setterlund Jim Wheeler Gary Grace Special Recognition Awards for Pope & Young Entries Rick Morrell                129 1/8” Whitetail       MA Brian Fillebrown          147 2/8” Whitetail       MA                  Tom Phillips                18 6/16” Black Bear    Canada             Bruce Billings Award (largest out of state deer) John Setterlund           194 LB 8 PT Colorado           Jim “Boomer” Hayden Big Bear Award Mark Goodwin           252 LB Black Bear Sow  Nova Scotia, Canada Largest Massachusetts Deer Award Rick Morrell                205 LB 14 PT Worcester, MA